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Commercial, Property & Casualty Insurance

AIA offers a variety of Commercial, Property and Casualty insurance products that are simplified and tailor-made to suit the client's needs, providing the most effective cover options in the market.

Don't know what Commercial P & C insurance is? It's very similar to homeowner's insurance. Just as a homeowners insurance policy protects a homeowner from the total cost of repairing damage to a house that has arisen unexpectedly, commercial property insurance protects businesses against damage to their buildings and material assets.

Commercial property owners, both those operating a business on their own property and those leasing property to someone, may purchase policies that protect the building and other structures related to that building. A property owner´s policy will not protect tenants from loss. Business owners who lease their property have the option to buy policies that protect the building´s contents, such as furniture, machinery, merchandise, displays, and inventory.

Depending on what type of commercial property insurance policy you purchase will determine what protection against different dangers you will have. These dangers are referred to as "risks," "causes of loss," or "perils."

Specializing in nightclubs, restaurants, bars and other insurances associated with nightlife, AIA Bonds takes the hassle of insurance off your shoulders so you can concentrate on what matters most...running your business and making it profitable! Contact one of our specialists today to learn more about the options you have to protect you and your business.