Associated Insurance Agency, AIA Surety Bonds.

Associated Insurance Agency
AIA is your FIRST and LAST STOP for bond placement

AIA offers a tailor-made bond program that protects a person, corporation, or other legal entity in case of another's default in the payment of a given obligation, improper performance of a given contract, malfeasance of office, etc. By undertaking to be the surety, we are primarily liable in case of the default. Our main area of expertise lies in the secondary markets, offering a greater variety of surety credit.

AIA Bonds understands the critical role of bonds in the construction industry. With over three decades of success we have the skills and experience to ensure you have a fast and reliable bonding experience with us.

We have the right team, expertise and breadth of markets to provide contract bonding for any small or large business. If time is of the essence, trust AIA Bonds to get you what you need. Take a look below and see if we can service you:

*Companies with deficit working capital
*Service Contractors (Bussing, Trucking, Waste Haulers)
*Software and other computer services
*Companies with prior year-end losses
*Companies who need bonds in excess of their current surety limits
*General Contractors & Construction Managers
*All types of Environmental Contractors
*Newly formed company or change of management
With the extensive background that AIA Bonds brings to the table we can offer you a wide variety of miscellaneous bonds to meet all your needs. More often than not we can take your information and get a bond for you or your client within one day. We have a streamlined application process that will help expedite all miscellaneous bonds.
* License & Permit
*Financial Guarantee Bonds
*Probate and Court Bonds
We write subdivision bonds with no collateral for experienced developers with strong CPA prepared financial statement.